our past and future

The Past

Our history as a congregation actually began over 50 years ago in an old adobe building in East Stockton. This was only the beginning, for what was then a small cadre of believers. Over the years, at four different locations, the miracle of The Home Church has grown. 


As our congregation flourished, we prayerfully decided in 2000 to develop 12 acres of prime real estate situated between Stockton and Lodi. None of this would have been possible without prayer and stewardship and the hand of God in our midst. Since that time our congregation has continued to grow in numbers and faith as we have established our presence in the region. Over the years, we have proclaimed the mission that Jesus gave us in Matthew 28.

Cherokee Road, Stockton

Clairmont Elementary, Stockton

Washington Street, Stockton

Murray Drive, Stockton

The Present

To proclaim Jesus Christ

To the glory of God

By carrying out his command...

...to make disciples of all.

The future

Current Project:

We are building a new Worship Center that will seat approximately 300 on the sloped first floor and an additional 400 in the raised mezzanine. The building will also house our administrative offices, state-of-the-art baby nursery, music room, classrooms, prayer room and bookstore/café.

Why are we doing this?

We want to do our part for future generations to come by extending the Kingdom of God. God has, by His grace, continued to give steady growth to our fellowship. We believe that we need to continue to accommodate for a larger congregation.

What is our plan?

For over ten years, our financial plan has been the “Solomon Plan.” Solomon, in the Old Testament, built the temple with the materials that were gathered by his father, David. There was much volunteer labor as well. This "incremental building plan" is the concept the Lord has honored in our ministry for thirty years. We believe it is scriptural to avoid debt, so we will proceed on that basis.

the home Church
    An independent baptist church

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11451 N. West Ln.

Lodi, CA 95242


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