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Our Vision

​Historical Faith
  • The Bible is our guiding authority. The Pastor and leadership of The Home Church are first and foremost committed to the absolute authority of the Scriptures. The Bible is the standard by which we evaluate all beliefs, policies and practices. 


  • We see the mission of the New Testament church is to both teach and preach the Word of God, free from any religious trappings, through whatever Scriptural means possible (besides preaching we use drama, discussion groups, etc.).


  • The translation of the Bible that is our first choice is the King James Version. For inspiration, majesty, power, accuracy of text and word-for-word translation, the KJV, the English world’s best-loved Bible translation, is unsurpassed! 


  • Our background as a church is independent Baptist. However, we are not part of any Baptist (or any other) denomination. We do voluntarily affiliate with several associations of churches. We choose to avoid unnecessary conflicts of debate on minor doctrine.

Openness in Worship
  • We value every God-honoring form of worship. For example, we want you to feel comfortable in our worship services, whether you raise your hands or not. We do not practice the “sign gifts” as typically seen in charismatic churches. However, we do believe that every spiritual gift that God has ever given is still for today as interpreted correctly. 


  • Our church is a multi-generational congregation. As such, we enjoy a variety of music styles, including more contemporary choruses and classic  hymns. Some are more upbeat than others, but we always try to make them Christ-honoring and avoid a worldly spirit in our music program. 

  • In a day when people are seeking answers to life’s toughest questions through science, education, spiritual experiences and materialism, we provide a consistent and clear offer of God’s eternal answer to all men’s need - the Gospel of Jesus Christ - how to receive forgiveness of sins through the Lord Jesus Christ. 


  • Our outreach program includes: personal visitation, phone calls, direct mail, altar call, bus ministry, food pantry, Bible studies, evangelistic campaigns, door-to-door and other Christ-honoring methods.


Enthusiasm About Growing
  • We have a deep hunger in our hearts to do what we can to make a difference in our community before Jesus comes. While we would not be considered a “seeker-sensitive” church (that is removing essential  truths from the church that make the un-churched feel uncomfortable), we certainly have a deep desire to make everyone feel welcome, regardless of their background, all the while retaining the integrity of the Word of God. We believe that God has a unique vision for The Home Church. We are not trying to copy any ministry  or denounce any church group. We are just trying to follow God’s Word and do as the Holy Spirit leads.


  • It is our belief that Jesus loves children and youth. We believe that children are a blessing and the future of The Home Church. The needs of children and young people occupy a high priority in our planning for facilities, programs and curriculum. 

  • We select leadership for our children’s programs that have living proof of Christian character and will be the highest possible example. The vision for our children’s program is to combine a balanced program of lots of fun and activities along with quality, age-appropriate Scriptural teaching. Sunday school and Children’s Church is not just a big game time at The Home Church. Your child will come home changed by the eternal Word of God. 

  • Our youth ministry might be termed “family-based”. We don’t think that segregating the youth from the children and from the adults in every service is healthy for them or the rest of the church. One of our main goals for young people is to equip them for service for the Kingdom. They are at a crucial time in their life spiritually and can be used in a great way for the Kingdom of God. We provide Godly leadership to help them stand alone for God if need be in this perilous world that they face. 


  • To encourage love and respect for one another in the midst of our very diverse community, both racially and socioeconomically.


  • A friendly place where friendships can flourish.


  • To make everyone feel welcome regardless of their appearance or background. We are sure you will find wholesome friendships for your entire family.


Unleashing the Power of People
  • We see all God’s people as having a call on their life to serve Him - whether unofficially as in passing out tracts, inviting people to church, serving food,  praying for growth, etc, or acting in official capacities as designated by the church leadership. 


  • We encourage people to gain an understanding of their spiritual gift and seek to be equipped by the Pastors and leaders of the church. 


  • This ministry maintains high Biblically based, financial standards, including being a debt-free church.


  • Every month a printed register is available for every member of every expense, who it was to, what it was for, and the amount. 


  • The Home Church is not funded in any way by any denomination, religious organization or private group. Our support comes from the free-will tithes and offerings of individual believers as touched by God. 


Christ-Centered Church Government
  • We treasure a simple form of government where Christ is the head, not a denominational headquarters, or any particular “founder” (example: Mormons and Joseph Smith).


  • Our form of government is congregational where each member gets one vote and our leadership is made simply of pastors and deacons. 


Helping the family 
  • It is our goal to strengthen the foundations of the home by turning the hearts of fathers and mothers to their children and hearts of children to parents.


  • We seek to encourage parents to return to their biblical roles. The man to be a protector and provider and the woman to be a home executive. 


  • We seek to discourage a spirit of rebellion in young people by encouraging them to honor their God-given authorities and use their youthful energies to serve God.

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